"Michael E. Arth is a hero for the people....A true, modern-day David against the Goliath...."
—Sydney Solis, author


"There likely would not be a United States without Tom Paine. There is a new Paine among us, and his message is one of reform, not revolution.... The time has come for a more perfect union."
—Columnist William C. Hall, The West Volusia Beacon


"Arth’s a visionary. His dedicated efforts…represents a triumph of will over adversity."
"He turned 'Cracktown' into a gem. Now, he wants to remake Florida."
—Daytona Beach News-Journal


"Michael and I worked together for nearly two years making a documentary about him, New Urban Cowboy. He’s the real deal. Big time dreamer, fun and well–informed ideas, always up for a debate, pragmatism learned the hard way, and just enough pluck to pull it off. Vote for him."
—Filmmaker Blake Wiers, who edited the award-winning documentary,
New Urban Cowboy: Toward a New Pedestrianism


"Any of you who are in the know when it comes to New Urbanism have probably already heard of the New Urban Cowboy, aka Michael E. Arth. He’s the mind behind New Pedestrianism, a more extreme form of New Urbanism in which pedestrian lanes instead of streets are the main connectors, with garages and car lanes relegated to the backs of buildings. Arth is also an idealist, a visionary, and an insanely hard worker—he’s one of the (too few) idealists/visionaries that have the practical know-how and gumption to see their dream through to the end, to its absolute completion.... I’d advise anyone who is overly skeptical of solutions to the problems facing our civilization to see his movie, and to pay close attention. For that matter, anyone who is overly skeptical of our capacity to work together, create positive, major change, and to fulfill our dreams, ought to take a long look at what Michael Arth has done. You just might be inspired."
—I’On Group review of the documentary, New Urban Cowboy

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